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My blog consists of many pictures and reposts of the most random shit I find on here. It includes pictures of funny memes, pictures of anime like Soul Eater, cartoons like Legend of Korra, and art. If these posts suit to your hunger then you are more than welcome to follow so we can hold hands together and frolic into the sunset.
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  • journeysmarytr:

    proposing operation give Legend of Korra a lot of viewers this Friday before it gets cancelled

    everyone should watch it on their Tvs, so they can get veiwers

    hey there was a huge rally for Hannibal why not the best american animated tv universe ever

    i know a lot of people (including me) just watch the episodes online, not caring if they get viewers or not… but we should totally do it this time, to give back to the show that has been in my life as much as harry potter has. .

    its airs this Friday @ 8/7 central, so yeah… 



    Disney Princesses + platonic kisses

    A gentle reminder that a kiss can mean many things. A kiss can be a symbol of good luck, good faith, or just to show your compassion for another. I think this is one of my favorite photo sets of some Disney ladies in a long time.

    (via dirty-irish)

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