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My blog consists of many pictures and reposts of the most random shit I find on here. It includes pictures of funny memes, pictures of anime like Soul Eater, cartoons like Legend of Korra, and art. If these posts suit to your hunger then you are more than welcome to follow so we can hold hands together and frolic into the sunset.
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  • candacemckay:

    and scanned! thinking if i should scan more of my sketches ?! it’s a hassle getting the paper to stay on the scanner - it tends to lift up and the scan comes out blurry. i put a bunch of weights over it so it stays flat hahah.. D:

    “ I love Opal. There’s something about her and Bolin’s relationship that’s really sweet. I wanted to write a character that was just a … nice girl. But without it being boring! That was the tricky part. ”

    —    Michael Dante DiMartino, showing his love for both Opal and Bopal. (x)

    (Source: tlrledbetter)

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